Metz Public Relations, San Diego. Metz Public Relations is a boutique PR agency in San Diego that helps small- to medium-size companies and non-profits get the attention they deserve through media relations, special events, social networking and publicity. The 20-year-old results-driven firm is rooted in integrity and thrives on promoting ideas that are constructive and creative.


No Spin.
Telling your story in a way that’s compelling, provocative, and honest.


Metz Public Relations is an award-winning agency that helps small- to medium-size business, professionals, and nonprofits hone their messages and deliver them to the people who count. Through well-placed publicity, media pitches, newsletters, special events and social networking, Metz PR helps clients extend their marketing reach in a very cost effective manner. Well-targeted media placements translate into important third-party endorsements that are priceless.


Metz PR represents a broad range of clients in many industries. Over time, the agency has developed in-depth knowledge of land
development, homebuilding, commercial real
estate, interior design, contemporary art and wine.
The agency has also represented clients in high
tech, law, agriculture, and management consulting.

At Metz PR, clients work directly with principal Barbara Metz, not the AE of the month. Before founding Metz PR in 1987, Metz managed the public relations practices of two of the largest agencies in San Diego, was corporate communications manager for a Phillip Morris subsidiary and worked for a mid-size daily newspaper.


Metz has earned the respect of the media and her peers – and the gratitude and friendship of her clients. She is past president of The San Diego Press Club and president of the Citizen Diplomacy Council of San Diego. Metz has won major public relations awards from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) in San Diego and Orange counties, the Building Industry Association of San Diego and the Orange County Press Club.


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"I've been called creative, well-connected
and persistent, but my true gift is the
ability to uncover the essence of a person
or company and convey that in a way
that is compelling to the media and
appealing to my client’s customers.”
Barbara Metz


While the agency has many long-time client relationships that have thrived for five, 10, 15 or even 20 years, the agency is also open to short-term projects. Whatever the objective or situation, the agency collaborates with clients to:


Develop a situation analysis that includes challenges, opportunities and competitors;


Define the message;


Develop a comprehensive list of media representatives, freelancers and bloggers;


Develop and implement a strategic public relations campaign with a multi-pronged approach;


Raise the client’s stature and credibility among media gatekeepers and other publics;


Evaluate results and fine tune the strategy;


Create ways to use media coverage to the client’s best advantage. (Once you’ve got it, flaunt it!)


If you have a story to tell, Metz PR can help you
tell it through compelling writing, great media placements, thought leadership, and social networking.